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Position Department Operation mode Place
Firmware Engineer R&D Center Full time Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
Firmware Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1.Code design and debugging based on ARC, ARM and other processors.

2.SSD controller simulator development.

3.SSD Firmware design (PCIe, NVme protocol interface driver or FTL algorithm, etc.)

4.SSD firmware function and performance optimization.

Position Requirements :

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, automation, etc.

2.Proficient in C/C++/SystemC language, familiar with data structure and algorithm analysis, strong learning ability.

3.Experience in SSD development or embedded software development is preferred.

SOC Design Engineer R&D Center Full time Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
SOC Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for digital logic design, integration and verification of digital SOC chips, assist in prototype FPGA verification and product software development.

Position Requirements :

1.Bachelor degree or above in Electronic engineering.

2.At least 2 years experience in RTL design/architecture.

3.Have documented and complex SoC experience.

4.Have a deep understanding of front-end and back-end processes.

5.Deep understanding of Verilog, system Verilog, synthesis and static timing analysis.

6.Self-motivated, able to work independently and effectively as a team, with management skills.

7.SoC design experience with ARM CPU is preferred.

8.Take the initiative to take responsibility and be competent for work in the entrepreneurial environment.

Sales Manager Marketing Department Full time Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1.Collect and sort out industry trend information of NandFlash, SSD and other storage products regularly, understand and predict real-time price and market fluctuation information of storage products.

2.Continuously improve the mechanism of collecting, saving and using customer information, and provide internal timely customer information (including client share, price, inventory, sales forecast, organizational structure and personnel information, etc.)

3.Continuously explored target customers and project opportunities according to the requirements and tasks of the department, monitored the visit plans and achievements of each customer, and included them into the monthly assessment of sales personnel.

4.Assist the sales director to carry out regular summary work, summarize the client situation, sales situation and customer relationship maintenance.

5.Assist the sales director to develop and optimize the sales process and system.

Position Requirements :

1.Bachelor degree or above, familiar with storage market.

2.At least 3 years sales or sales management related experience, 1 year DRAM, SSD or eMMC product sales experience.

3.Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills;Good negotiation and public relations skills;Have the ability of information collection, data analysis, strong logical thinking, excellent customer service awareness.

4.PCIeSSD product sales and marketing experience is preferred.